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rufie (plural rufies)

  1. (slang) Alternative spelling of roofie
    • 1996 June 15, "Stacey Burright" (username), "date rape UL?", in alt.folklore.urban, Usenet:
      The drug in question is Rohipnol, also called Rufinol ("rufies"). It is a prescription drug given to people who have difficulty sleeping. [...] I know several people who have experienced the effects of this drug. Two of them are close friends of mine who intentionally took rufies after having drunk one beer each; [...]
    • 2008, Tibor Fischer, Good to be God, page 174:
      He had come to ditch his rufies and stash of filth in a bid for salvation. I gave him all the unction I could, but there's a problem with ditching your rufies and porn: you can always go out and buy some more tomorrow.
    • 2010, Barry F. Schnell, Mundo Del Wampum, page 192:
      Cabeza sold Veedub some top shelf rufies that were "guaranteed to have an object of desire limp and lifeless within sixty seconds."


rufie (third-person singular simple present rufies, present participle rufiing, simple past and past participle rufied)

  1. (slang) Alternative spelling of roofie
    • 1999 July 22, "jason beveridge" (username), "Too all morans out there (Purple jeuses) ", in alt.alcohol, Usenet:
      I think all of you are right, this rookie guy's a jerk. My girlfriend's best friend got rufied last year, and it wasn't very pleasant for her. That kind of behavior is sociopathic.
    • 2000 May 1, "DJ $#&@!" (username), "Angst digipak pics", in, Usenet:
      It was after I had been "rufied" and passed out. I only remember a trapeze, a turkey baster, and a sharp pain emanating from my rectum...
    • 2011 May 8, "Tom" (username), "Hel Needham", in, Usenet:
      He told a story (apologies if I leave out a detail or two) about picking up a hooker in a hotel bar, going to his room and getting rufied and waking up naked and robbed. He said he was back at the same hotel a year later and the same thing happened.