Alternative formsEdit


From same +‎ blooded.


same-blooded ‎(comparative more same-blooded, superlative most same-blooded)

  1. Having the same blood or sharing identical blood lineages; consanguineous.
    • 1907, Frederic Crowinshield, Under the laurel:
      Uncharted, unbeknown to coroner Or him who heals, or maybe even those Who stand same-blooded round the open grave [...]
    • 1994, Mary Jane Salk, M. J. Cahill, Kingdoms:
      Cut from the same cloth, like-minded, same-blooded.
    • 2003, Gerald Hausman, Loretta Hausman, The mythology of horses:
      Naturally, the animals that so awed Sir Walter Raleigh were members of this same blooded stock.

Derived termsEdit