English edit

Etymology edit

From same-sex +‎ -ness.

Noun edit

same-sexness (uncountable)

  1. The condition of having or being of the same sex.
    • 1949, The journal of heredity:
      Thus since twins occur in almost one percent of the cases, the probability of same-sexness would be increased from .500 to at most .502, []
  2. Homosexuality.
    • 2005, Gail Kathleen Hart, Friedrich Schiller:
      Though he dwells mostly on the affairs of men — which would make the same-sexness an obvious result — instances in which women suffer punishment are usually engineered by other women.
    • 2009, Goshen College, Mennonite Historical Society, The Mennonite quarterly review:
      Grimsrud consistently argues against a position that would see some "inherent wrongness" with same-sexness rather than with certain forms of same-sex activities.