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saw pit



saw pit (plural saw pits)

  1. Alternative form of sawpit.
    • 1838, James Williams, “Minutes of Proceedings at Brown’s Town, St, Ann’s”, in A Narrative of Events since the 1st of August, 1834. By James Williams, together with the Evidence Taken under a Commission Appointed by the Colonial Office to Ascertain the Truth of the Narrative; and the Report of the Commissioners thereon: The Whole Exhibiting a Correct Picture of a Large Proportion of West Indian Society; and the Atrocious Cruelties Perpetrated under the Apprenticeship System, London: Printed for the Central Emancipation Committee, Token-House Yard; sold by G. Wightman, 24, Paternoster Row, OCLC 22420137, page 29:
      When master took Atkinson and Warren from the saw pit I was put to work there, but as I was a new hand I did not work well, and master used me very badly for it: it was the first time I ever held a saw; I was never given any regular task, but I did all I could to give satisfaction.