English edit

Etymology edit

schedule +‎ -ee

Noun edit

schedulee (plural schedulees)

  1. One who has been scheduled.
    • 1910, Congressional Edition - Volume 5584, page 51:
      ...the Secretary has declared forfeited and caused to be sold many town lots for payments in default of which the present holders, purchasers from original schedulees, had no notice of amounts declared delinquent, having failed to file in the office of the Commissioner to the Five Civilized Tribes any record of the transfer of ownership, of which the commissioner keeps only a record of the original schedulees to whom notices of S K-61-2— Vol 3 41 default were sent.
    • 1989, Fidelity - Volume 9, page 17:
      Withers and the clinic director's husband, Ron Tetreau, go over the list of the morning's appointments to verify that all schedulees have arrived.
    • 1997, Celia Hales-Mabry, Philosophies of Reference Service, →ISBN, page 46:
      Being impartial will build up a scheduler's credibility and win trust from schedulees; being consistent will help set up a credible standard; being flexible will gain the scheduler a balanced position among different variables; being collegial will ensure that all the communication channels are open to facilitate the working relationship; being diplomatic will assist the scheduler in working through difficulties and conflicts; while being devoted will forge a high sense of responsibility.