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  1. present participle of scooter


scootering (uncountable)

  1. The activity of riding a scooter, often specifically a kick scooter
    • 1998 July 24, Cara Jepsen, “Active Cultures: Scottzilla revs it up”, in Chicago Reader[1]:
      She now counts many of those people among her friends and considers herself a scooter girl--someone for whom scootering is the primary interest, as opposed to a mod or a skinhead, for whom the scooter is just one component of a complex subculture. "
    • 2007 May 29, “Can We Afford Our Oil Gluttony? (6 Letters)”, in New York Times[2]:
      Bicycling, skateboarding and scootering can provide health benefits in numerous ways.
    • 2018 Peter Pinkerton "No Honking", Pinkalicious and Peterrific
      Excuse me, scooter scootering.

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