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Apocopic form of señora and/or señorita.


seño f (plural seños)

  1. (nonstandard, Mexico) Miss/Mrs (a shortened form of address for women, usually those who are 15 years or older, in some places 12 or older). Similar to English Ms.
    Oiga seño, ¿dónde ponemos este sillón?.
    Hey Miss/Mrs., where can we put this armchair?.
  2. (Spain) Miss (a way for calling female teachers, especially for kids).
    Seño, ¿puedo ir al baño?
    Miss, can I go to the toilet?

Usage notesEdit

  • This form has grown somewhat in use, because it avoids conflict about the difference between "señorita" and "señora", which imply marital status and are traditionally associated with virginity. For young single ladies, being called "señora" implies they have lost it (and is therefore offensive), and for married women of a certain age, being called "señorita" implies being a spinster, not suitable for getting a husband (which is also offensive).
  • For women younger than the indicated age, usually the term "niña" is used.