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Etymology 1Edit

Borrowed from Medieval Latin sēcrētārius (secretary), from Latin sēcrētus, perfect passive participle of sēcernō (I separate; I part; I reject).


secretário m (plural secretários, feminine secretária, feminine plural secretárias)

  1. secretary (a person keeping records and handling clerical work)
  2. secretary (head of a department of government)
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Etymology 2Edit

Probably so named because its crest of long feathers resembles quill pens stuck behind the ears of an office clerk; alternatively, possibly from Arabic صَقْر اَلطَّائِر(ṣaqr aṭ-ṭāʾir, hunter bird), from صَقْر(ṣaqr, falcon, hawk) طَائِر(ṭāʾir, bird); see secretary bird.


secretário m (plural secretários)

  1. secretary bird (Sagittarius serpentarius)
    Synonym: serpentário