sergeant major +‎ -ly


sergeant-majorly (comparative more sergeant-majorly, superlative most sergeant-majorly)

  1. In the manner of a sergeant major.
    • 1941, Francis Cowley Burland, Mark Lemon, Henry Mayhew, Tom Taylor, Shirley Brooks and Owen Seaman, Punch (Volume CCI), Punch Publications Ltd, Page 446:
      Captain David Margesson who not withstanding his official description as War Minister, is usually the soul of gentle geniality, was almost sergeant-majorly in his treatment of the mildest question.
    • 1973, Seumas Stewart, Book Collecting: A Beginner's Guide, E. P. Dutton, Page 206:
      In Rural Rides, within a few pages, he manages to insult Scotsmen and the Cotswolds, but in a sergeant-majorly sort of way, []
    • 2003, Anna Richards, ADHD: A Challenging Journey, Sage Publications, Page 25:
      “Okay boys,” I said, in sergeant-majorly style, “there are just two rules that you need to know for this expedition.”