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sexual fraternization



sexual fraternization (uncountable)

  1. Any kind of sexual relations between two or more individuals.
    • 1982, Patricia Rosof, The Military and Society: Reviews of Recent Research, page 73
      Similarly, in the industrial town of Lowell, where women also took on male jobs, Miller finds that fear of sexual fraternization led employers to enforce rigid, sometimes unpleasant rules about conduct between men and women.
    • 1995, Dana E. Bushnell, "Nagging" Questions: Feminist Ethics in Everyday Life, page 133
      A sixth reason cited against allowing women in combat is that the presence of women will lead to sexual fraternization and disruption of discipline.
    • 1997, Barry Michael Dank, Roberto Refinetti, Sexual Harassment & Sexual Consent, page 107
      [T]he Committee on Women's Concerns at the University of Virginia proposed a university-wide ban on all sexual fraternization between undergraduates and professors.
    • 2005, Heide Fehrenbach, Race After Hitler: Black Occupation Children in Postwar Germany and America, page 64
      Like their American counterparts, German officials frowned on interracial sexual fraternization.