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short +‎ legged


short-legged (comparative more short-legged, superlative most short-legged)

  1. Having short legs, particularly in proportion to one's body.
    • 1995, Marleen Felius, Cattle Breeds: An Encyclopedia:
      However, small, deep-bodied, shortlegged cattle have been known in Ireland since Celtic times.
    • 2010, Cormac McCarthy, The Orchard Keeper, p. 135:
      The two dogs were beagles, shortlegged and frantic, leaping in and out of the chest-high fall of snow, or plowing their noses through it and furrowing snow up and past their ears, their tails spinning, then looking up with white brows and whiskers, gnomic and hoary-faced as little old men.
    • 2011, Derek Lundy, The Way of a Ship: A Square-Rigger Voyage in the Last Days of Sail, p. 56:
      A droll man with a quiet voice and a talent for mimicking almost anyone with tart accuracy, he had the mate down to a fault already, that officer's shortlegged strut, his mad glare and, at a much—reduced volume to avoid detection, his bullhorn bellow.

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