short s

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short s (plural short s's)

  1. The s character, as distinct from the long s — the ſ character.
    Synonyms: round s, terminal s
    Coordinate term: long s
    • 1888 November, The American Bookmaker: A Journal of Technical Art and Information, [], volume VII, number 5, New York, N.Y.: Howard Lockwood & Co., [], page 146:
      Most of it was in modern face of a bad cut, small pica size; the apocrypha was in long primer, old style face, although having short s’s, but the peculiarity was that one signature in the Psalms was in old style with long s’s.
    • 2004, Richard-Gabriel Rummonds, “Preface”, in Nineteenth-Century Printing Practices and the Iron Handpress, Oak Knoll Press, page xxxiii:
      The following changes have silently been made: long s’s have been changed to short s’s;


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