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Noun edit


  1. plural of silicone
  2. (informal, uncommon) Breasts that have been enhanced or reconstructed with silicone breast implants.
    • 2003, J Sebastian, The Bridge is Over, page 26:
      “Oh, G,” said the siren, leaning over the booth, shaking her silicones in Grand's grill. “Did you see my new tattoo?” Pulling her halter aside, the flirt revealed her new tat, Grand scrawled across her breast.
    • 2012, Kamini Patel, The Morning After:
      His thirty year younger wife, Monica, has apparently graduated with a magna cum laude honors degree from an Ivy League, but obviously lost it somewhere down the line when she visited her plastic surgeon; double D silicones and Botoxed face!

Verb edit


  1. third-person singular simple present indicative of silicone

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silicones m pl

  1. plural of silicón