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silicon +‎ -one. Originally obtained by the attempted synthesis of the silicon equivalent of a ketone.

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  • IPA(key): /ˈsɪlɪkəʊn/
  • (file)

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silicone (countable and uncountable, plural silicones)

  1. (chemistry) Any of a class of inert, semi-inorganic polymeric compounds (polysiloxanes), that have a wide range of thermal stability and extreme water repellence, used in a very wide range of industrial applications, and in prosthetic replacements for body parts.
    • 2008, Christos Tsiolkas, The Slap, London: Atlantic Books, page 93:
      [H]e had little time or respect for the rich skip bitches who were his neighbours, useless fake-tanned women with plastic smiles and silicone tits who spent their husbands' money on afternoon teas, endless shopping and personal trainers.

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silicone (third-person singular simple present silicones, present participle siliconing, simple past and past participle siliconed)

  1. (transitive) To join or treat (something) with a silicone-based product.
    silicone the bathtub to the tile
    • 1984, United States National Labor Relations Board, Decisions and Orders of the National Labor Relations Board, page 963:
      Structural glazing or siliconing of window units is, according to Donald F. Kelly, Jr., president of AMPAT, the bonding of glass to a metal frame.
  2. (informal, transitive) To enhance or reconstruct (a body part) with a prosthesis containing silicone.
    • 2011, Natasha Walter, Living Dolls: The Return of Sexism, page 27:
      The next girl, with huge, perfectly spherical, siliconed breasts perched high on her slender chest, got the loudest roar. ‘Oh, there are two things I like about her!’ shouted the DJ. ‘How about you, boys?’

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silicone m or f (plural silicones)

  1. silicone

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  • IPA(key): /si.liˈ
  • Rhymes: -one
  • Hyphenation: si‧li‧có‧ne

Noun edit

silicone m (plural siliconi)

  1. (chemistry) silicone

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  • Hyphenation: si‧li‧co‧ne

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silicone m (plural silicones)

  1. (chemistry) silicone (any of a class of inert compounds of silicon)

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