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smart +‎ board, originally a trademark.


smartboard (plural smartboards)

  1. interactive whiteboard
    • 2009, Margaret C. Hagood, New Literacies Practices: Designing Literacy Learning (page 8)
      With a handful of notable exceptions, most urban classrooms in the United States operate just as they did a century ago: a chalkboard where a smartboard should be, a nicked desk instead of a multifunction workstation, and rows of students segregated in their schools and neighborhoods by class and race.
    • 2010, Michael Howell, Resistance Is Fertile (page 74)
      Smartboards sound like a great idea until you work out how much time and money they tie up. The boards themselves cost thousands of dollars and they must be linked to a computer and an LCD projector.
    • 2013, Frederick M. Hess, ‎Bror Saxberg, Breakthrough Leadership in the Digital Age (page 65)
      Smartboards make slides easier to display and manipulate, but teachers have been showing pictures to students for centuries.