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smoked Irishman (plural smoked Irishmen)

  1. (dated, derogatory, offensive, ethnic slur) A black man.
    • 1969, Harper's Magazine: Volume 239
      The smoked Irishmen — the colored (no one says black; few even say Negro) — represent change and instability, kids who cause trouble in school, who get treatment that your kids never got, that you never got.
    • 1972, John C. Livingston, Robert G. Thompson, The dissent of the governed: readings on the democratic process
      "We get fairly good salaries, and this is a good neighborhood, one of the few good ones left. We have no smoked Irishmen around."
    • 2010, Loren Avey, The Pole Creek Crossing (page 214)
      When asked about his Irish name, and how he came by that, McCracken replied "I's smoked Irish, Judge, just another smoked Irishman."