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snow +‎ sure


snowsure (comparative more snowsure, superlative most snowsure)

  1. (skiing) Certain to have snow.
    • 1995, Chris Gill, Dave Watts, Where to Ski
      And then there's snowsure Sportgastein further up the valley, and the big Dorfgastein-Grossarl circuit down the valley. Add together all these areas and there's more than enough to keep even the keenest skier happy for a week.
    • 2007, Philippe Barbour, Rhone-Alpes
      For beginners, the nursery slope at village level in La Clusaz could not be more convenient, and the other, more snowsure ones up the mountain at the top of the Beauregard cable car and at Cret du Merle are even better.
    • 2007, Peter Hardy, Felice Hardy, The Great Skiing and Snowboarding Guide 2008
      One of Switzerland's largest and most snowsure ski areas that is virtually unknown internationally.