social life


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social life (plural social lives)

  1. An individual's interpersonal relationships with people within their immediate surroundings or general public.
  2. Those public activities performed in association with others for the purpose of pleasure.
  3. Dating.
    • 1958 March 26, “Acne Causes Social Woes”, in Herald-Journal, Spartanburg, SC:
      And it is ruining my social life. face keeps breaking out with pimples and I know I look repulsive, so how can I ever expect to have boy friends?
    • 1994 April 5, “Man With Herpes Agonizes Over Loss Of His Social Life”, in Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:
      My social life is in ruins. / How is it possible for me to find a woman who will accept me as I am.
    • 2001, Jaye E. Seay, The Life and Loves of a Not So Average Joe, page 25:
      I lay my head back and close my eyes, contemplating the circumstances of my social life. I think “Why can't I connect with just one woman ....
    • 2006 July, Women's Health, volume 3, number 6, page 74:
      While I was blithely putting my safety at risk and ignoring my social life in the name of exercise, my friends were going out, dating, getting married, getting pregnant, getting divorced.
    • 2008, Charlene Teglia, Satisfaction Guaranteed, page 9:
      “Which explains my social life lately,” Rachel muttered. “No, working all hours to get that promotion explains your social life lately,” Sabrina countered. “There are plenty of men who are up to your speed.
    • 2010 July 29, “It's The Promised Land For Kushaba Moses Mworeko”, in EDGE Boston:
      And this was a Christian university, so my social life wasn't all that.