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Probable calque of the German Sprachgemeinschaft.


speech community (plural speech communities)

  1. (linguistics) A group of people sharing a language, or a particular way of using that language
    • 1897, William Pierce Shepard, A contribution to the history of the unaccented vowels in Old French[1], page 17:
      The phonetic laws always work without the consciousness of the speech community in which they act ; they are due wholly to physiological causes acting unknown to the will of the individual speaker.
    • 1933, Leonard Bloomfield, Language, page 44:
      Another language of this group, Cantonese, probably ranks among the world's largest speech-communities.
    • 2006, Mary Barrett & Marilyn Davidson, Gender and Communication at Work, page 271:
      Research indicates that men and women in the mainstream US culture tend to form separate speech communities.