• IPA(key): /ˈspʌtʃən/
  • (file)


sputcheon (plural sputcheons)

  1. metal lining of a scabbard's mouth
    • 1852, Burn, Robert, A naval and military technical dictionary of the French language, 2nd edition, London: John Murray, keyword BATTE, page 37:
      — de la cuvette, sputcheon of the mouth-piece of a sword-scabbard, or that part which retains the wooden scabbard.
    • 1886 June 3, “Swords and Sword Making at Solingen, Germany”, in The American Engineer, volume 11, number 22, page 223:
      They are as follows: The manufacture of the blade, 32 operations; scabbard, 30; scabbard mouthpiece with sputcheon, 32 []
    • 2005, Chrisomalis, Stephen, “Lost Words: S-Z”, in The Phrontistery, retrieved 2011-12-14:
      The blade rang against the sputcheon as he drew it, eliminating the element of surprise.
    • 2006, Frazier, Charles, Cold Mountain, New York: Grove, →ISBN, LCCN 97000275, LCC PS3556.R3599 C6 1997, page 345:
      She held her mouth slitted open in anguish so that in Inman's mind it resembled the sputcheon to a sword scabbard.