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stealth +‎ -ing



  1. present participle of stealth


stealthing (uncountable)

  1. (sexuality) The practice of removing a condom during sex, without a partner's knowledge or consent.
    • 2012 'Poz' lover lied to fulfill fantasy
      However it’s hard to tell the truth from fantasy in the chats, which don’t include Boone talking of killing anyone, defence lawyer Ian Carter put to Lapointe. “During these hundreds of pages as part of that sexual fantasy of chasing, stealthing, pozzing or whatever you want to call it, he never indicates he wants to kill anyone?” Ian Carter asked her. “That’s correct,” said Lapointe, noting Boone does talk about giving people HIV and people dying of the disease.
    • 2017, Stealthing: Man explains why he takes off his condom during sex, The Independent
      He doesn’t see stealthing as breaking an agreement made before sex and seems not to care at all about violating the rights of his partner
    • 2017, Stealthing isn’t a ‘sex trend’. It’s sexual assault – and it happened to me, The Guardian
      “Stealthing” is the pop culture name to describe a “new sex trend” reported to be “on the rise”. It refers to the act of deliberately removing a condom during sex without your partner’s knowledge or consent.

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