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street +‎ -y


streety (comparative more streety, superlative most streety)

  1. (informal) Of the street, as a place of unpolished modern culture; streetwise.
    • 2003, Frederick S Clarke, Cinefantastique
      ...more of a streety kind of mixture of martial arts and grappling.
    • 2005, Lori M Carlson, Oscar Hijuelos, Red hot salsa
      A group of girls talking in a mix of languages, in a streety English hip-hop and a swoony lyricism spiked with Spanish.
    • 2007 January 14, Rob Walker, “Biker Chic”, in New York Times[1]:
      The makers of a new DVD called “Mash SF” — full of streety stunts (and painful-looking crashes) in the manner of a skate video but with bikes — were recently recruited to contribute to the influential Japanese style Web site .