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Borrowing from Japanese 凄い (sugoi).


sugoi (comparative more sugoi, superlative most sugoi)

  1. (otaku culture, Japan) amazing, awesome
    • 8/16/1997, username NeoMercury, "ARRGH! 955 Posts! and now while we're on the topic, SM Dreams. ^_^", Usenet group
      Now ... I got one, and for some reason was able to see a very sugoi card was next in the machine []
    • 6/23/1998, username Shiva the perpetually busy, "[POLL] What anime scenes would look best in real life movie?", Usenet group
      The Miko outfits are totally sugoi, and the human forms of the gods are really cool as well.
    • 2012, Diana Renn, Tokyo Heist, p. 189:
      I'm wearing my latest Harajuku find: a gauzy, green sleeveless blouse, a pair of slimming pants—black, with some kind of shiny fabric—and a pair of totally sugoi sandals, with thick heels, black straps, and gleaming silver buckles.




  1. Rōmaji transcription of すごい