super- +‎ hot


superhot (not comparable)

  1. Extremely hot (often in a figurative sense)
    • 2007 August 27, “Arts, Briefly”, in New York Times[1]:
      The summer has been superhot for Hollywood, as the overall box office reached a record $4 billion, beating the 2004 record of $3.95 billion with one more weekend to go before summer is over.


superhot (plural superhots)

  1. A very hot chili pepper.
    • 2012, Kevin Gillespie, David Joachim, Fire in My Belly: Real Cooking (page 241)
      I buy a puree of ghost peppers from Dave's Gourmet, the makers of Dave's Insanity Sauce [] I blend it with cayenne and Vietnamese superhots to make a house hot sauce at Woodfire Grill.
    • 2014, Dave DeWitt, Microfarming for Profit: From Garden to Glory (page 112)
      By the end of the season, my pod count finalized at 781 pods, or approximately thirteen pounds of superhots.