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Wikispecies supplejack (countable and uncountable, plural supplejacks)

  1. Any of various North American vines that have supple stems.
  2. A cane made from such a plant used as a walking stick or as a whip.
    • 1895, Edgar Jepson, Sibyl Falcon: A Study in Romantic Morals[1]:
      Above all, knock the first of them down who is insolent, and thrash any of them who are disobedient with a supplejack.
  3. A child's toy in the form of a man with jointed limbs controlled by a string; a jumping jack.
    • 1854, James Blackwood, Narrative of an expedition of five Americans into a country of wild animals [] [2]:
      and his body spread out as usual in his favourite position of a supplejack distorted to the utmost;
  4. Any of several vines belonging to the genus Ripogonum, native to New Zealand.

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