English edit

Etymology edit

suspense +‎ -ory

Pronunciation edit

Adjective edit

suspensory (comparative more suspensory, superlative most suspensory)

  1. Held in suspension.
  2. Holding in suspension.
  3. Suspensive.
  4. Doubtful.

Noun edit

suspensory (plural suspensories)

  1. Something that suspends.
    1. (anatomy) The suspensory ligament.
      • 2009 January 20, Adrian Dunn, “El of a love affair continues”, in Herald Sun[1], archived from the original on 20 January 2009:
        [] Rubijon, also on the comeback trail after a flexor tendon and suspensory injury.
    2. (medicine) A kind of bandage.
    3. (sports) A jockstrap.

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