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swear +‎ -y


sweary (comparative swearier, superlative sweariest)

  1. (informal) Inclined to swear; characterised by bad language.
    • 1914, B M Bower, The Ranch at the Wolverine
      She sensed that there were bigger things than a "sweary" sentence in the forefront of her buckaroo's mind.
    • 2004, Elizabeth Honey, The Ballad of Cauldron Bay
      If she writes me a letter like that I'll spew. Which brings to mind another effect of the holiday — I've got swearier.
    • 2007, J M Tyree, Ben Walters, The Big Lebowski
      [] thirty-seven shits, six assholes, two bitches and a bastard. All in all, it's quite possibly the sweariest comedy set in Los Angeles County []