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From Ancient Greek συλλογή (sullogḗ), from συλλέγω (sullégō, collect).



sylloge (plural sylloges)

  1. A collection or compendium, especially of coins or antiquarian objects.
    • 2001, Patrizia Lendinara, Gregory and Damasus: two Popes and Anglo-Saxon England, Rolf Hendrik Bremmer, Cornelis Dekker, David Frame Johnson (editors), Rome and the North: The Early Reception of Gregory the Great in Germanic Europe, page 149,
      Milred's Sylloge might have included some of the poems of the so-called Alcuiniana (A and B):67 Milred himself might even have taken a copy of his sylloge to Germany, where Alcuin and other Carolingian poets later used it as a model.
    • 2014, Evelyn Karet, The Antonio II Badile Album of Drawings: The Origins of Collecting Drawings in Early Modern Northern Italy, page 109,
      Ciriaco's epigraphic collections on paper, known as sylloges, are his most famous contribution.
  2. A summary or digest of such a collection.
    • 1999, Stephen Album, Sylloge of Islamic Coins in the Ashmolean Museum, Volume 10: Arabia and East Africa.
    • 2010, Robert Irwin (editor), The New Cambridge History of Islam, Volume 4: Islamic Cultures and Societies to the End of the Eighteenth Century, unnumbered page,
      Another major development is the publication of sylloges. A sylloge presents images and descriptions of all the coins of a certain collection, subject to defined parameters of mint and time, and is usually organised by mint series.

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