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tail +‎ back


tailback (plural tailbacks)

  1. (UK) A line of motor vehicles causing or the result of traffic congestion or a traffic jam.
    Synonym: backup (US)
    • 2013, Simon Jenkins, Gibraltar and the Falklands deny the logic of history (in The Guardian, 14 August 2013)[1]
      The idea of a British warship supposedly menacing Spain is ludicrous. Is it meant to bomb Cadiz? Will its guns lift a rush-hour tailback in a colony that most Britons regard as awash with tax dodgers, drug dealers and right-wing whingers? The Gibraltarians have rights, but why British taxpayers should send warships to enforce them, even if just "on exercise", is a mystery.
  2. (American football) A running back or halfback who lines up furthest to the rear in an I formation.