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talebearer ‎(plural talebearers)

  1. An indiscreet person who spreads gossip.
    • 1820, Sir Walter Scott, The Abbot, ch. 4:
      "To speak the truth when my lady commands me," answered the prudential major-domo, "is in some measure my duty, Mistress Lilias; always providing for and excepting those cases in which it cannot be spoken without breeding mischief and inconvenience to myself or my fellow-servants; for the tongue of a tale-bearer breaketh bones as well as Jeddart-staff."
    • 1902, Annie Fellows Johnston, Flip's ‘Islands of Providence’, ch. 5:
      There is always some thoughtless talebearer ready to gather up the arrows of gossip and thrust them into the quivering heart of the victim.


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