blabber +‎ mouth



blabbermouth (plural blabbermouths)

  1. (informal) A gossip.
    If it weren't for that blabbermouth Sally, the principal would never have known we did it.
  2. (informal) A person who talks excessively.
    Synonym: chatterbox
  3. (aviation) A kind of foam-dispensing nozzle used in firefighting at airports.
    • 1964, Civic Administration (volume 16, page 9)
      Two handlines are capable of 240 gpm and an undertruck "blabbermouth" nozzle can sweep the ground ahead at 240 gpm.
    • 1972, ICAO Bulletin (volume 27, page x)
      The monitor is fitted with a blabbermouth (variable nozzle) to enable jet-spray patterns to be obtained at will.
    • 1983, David F. Rider, Jane's Airport Equipment (page 210)
      A manually operated monitor is provided complete with blabbermouth to deliver foam solution at a rate of 2(KX) lures a minute at 10-5 bar, to a maximum jet range of 46 metres []