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technology transfer (countable and uncountable, plural technology transfers)

  1. The movement of (especially new) technology from one field or region to another, especially from a research institution to the marketplace in order to allow commercialization.
    • 2004, David Mowery, Ivory Tower and Industrial Innovation, p. 178:
      University licensing offices have at their disposal a number of contractual arrangements to facilitate technology transfer, including secrecy agreements, options, licenses, material transfer agreements, and and equity investments.
    • 2018, David Gewirtz, ZDNet, 25 May:
      Technology transfer from the space program has fueled many inventions and innovations, but it was also the excitement of this human accomplishment that drove many young minds (including that of your author) to enter STEM careers.
  2. The use of a concept or product from one technology to solve a problem in an unrelated one.