Classical Nahuatl edit

Alternative forms edit

Etymology edit

teōtl "god" + xihuitl "turquoise"

Pronunciation edit

Noun edit


  1. Fine turquoise.
    • 16C: Bernardino de Sahagún, "Florentine Codex", book 1
      vel quijciiavj vel qujhiiouja, ynic qujtemoa [...] in teuxiujtl
      (Greatly were they wearied, much did they suffer to seek out ... fine turquoise)

References edit

  • Sahagún, Bernardino de (1981) Arthur J. O. Anderson, Charles E. Dibble, transl., Florentine Codex: Book 1 - The Gods, 2nd ed., rev. edition, Salt Lake City: University of Utah Press, page 42