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From term +‎ -less.

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termless (comparative more termless, superlative most termless)

  1. Not terminating; having no end, limit, or boundary
    • 1614, Walter Ralegh [i.e., Walter Raleigh], The Historie of the World [], London: [] William Stansby for Walter Burre, [], →OCLC, (please specify |book=1 to 5):
      termless joys
    • 1900, Mark Twain, The man that corrupted Hadleyburg, and other essays and stories, page 187:
      In a few hours I shall be one of a nameless horde plodding the snowy solitudes of Russia, under the lash, and bound for that land of mystery and misery and termless oblivion, Siberia!
  2. inexpressible; indescribable

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