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From time +‎ lore.


timelore (uncountable)

  1. (rare, nonstandard) the knowledge or study of time; chronology
    • 2006, Richard Leviton, The Geomantic Year:
      That's a minimum of 2,592,000 years ago, assuming we are almost at the end of the Kaliyuga (the worst of four yugas and an age of darkness), and we calculate only up to the end of the Satyayuga, which itself lasted 1,728,000 years, according to Vedic timelore.
    • 2007, E. Leslie Williams, Spirit Tree: Origins of Cosmology in Shintô Ritual at Hakozaki:
      Alchemic Yin-Yang Five Phase cosmology came into mainland Japan in the sixth century and, along with the lunar calendar, this complex of time lore has structured the temporal aspects of Shinto ritual practice ever since.
    • 2009, James Roberts, Samuel Deksis and the Castle of the Kings:
      This is the part of the course which I teach. It is the most complex of all the manipulation skills we teach and the one most students fail to complete. These three elements will combine to form your study of Timelore during the three years you spend with us.