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tolerable +‎ -ish


tolerablish (not comparable)

  1. (archaic, colloquial) Somewhat tolerable.
    • 1844, William Chambers, Robert Chambers, Chambers's Edinburgh Journal, W. and R. Chambers, page 412:
      There was a good many there, and some on 'em learned to read very well, and some couldn't learn nohow. I got on tolerablish.
    • 1857, Charlotte Mary Yonge, Dynevor terrace: or, The clue of life, Oxford University, page 29:
      ‘Ay, ma'am, Betty do fight it out tolerablish,’ was the reply to this compliment.
    • 1882, Charlotte Mary Yonge, Pickle and his page-boy, or, Unlooked for, Oxford University, page 21:
      “I like it tolerablish when it's a pretty book, all about killing people,” said Robert.