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tomorrow never comes



tomorrow never comes

  1. A goal or action which is postponed until a future day is often never accomplished; do not procrastinate.
    • 1885, G. A. Henty, In Freedom's Cause, ch. 4:
      "I will take you tomorrow," he said.
      "Tomorrow never comes," Archie replied with a laugh.
    • 1909, "Fall in Line", Seamen's Journal, vol. 23, p. 11 (Google books):
      Don't wait until tomorrow; tomorrow never comes. Don't wait for some one else to start; start it yourself.
    • 2006, Mutea Rukwaru, Successful Time Management, →ISBN, p. xv (Google preview):
      Avoid procrastination like the plague. Some people make a habit of putting things off to tomorrow and then find that somehow tomorrow never comes.
  2. Tomorrow has no reality, since every day is experienced as today.
    • 1884, Warren Felt Evans, The Divine Law of Cure, p. 107 (Google books):
      We never go beyond the present. . . . Tomorrow never comes. Our existence is enclosed within the divine moment, the eternal now.
    • 1921, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Tarzan the Terrible, ch. 13:
      "But tomorrow they give me to Bu-lot," she said sadly.
      "May it be always tomorrow," replied Tarzan, "for tomorrow never comes."
    • 2008, Jonathan Goodwin, in We Support You: Letters of Encouragement for Our Troops Serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, Xulon Press, →ISBN, p. 88 (Google preview):
      The truth is, tomorrow never comes! The minute you step into your tomorrow, it becomes your today.