Latin edit

Alternative forms edit

Etymology edit

Diminutive form of tōlēs.

Pronunciation edit

Noun edit

tōnsillae f pl (genitive tōnsillārum); first declension

  1. inflection of tōnsilla:
    1. genitive/dative singular
    2. nominative/vocative plural
  2. (anatomy) the tonsils
    • c. 77 CE – 79 CE, Pliny the Elder, Naturalis Historia 11.175:
      Tonsillae in homine, in sue glandulae. quod inter eas uvae nomine ultimo dependet palato, homini tantum est.
      Man has tonsils, the pig glands. Man alone has what is called the uvula hanging from the back of the palate between the tonsils.

Inflection edit

First-declension noun, plural only.

Case Plural
Nominative tōnsillae
Genitive tōnsillārum
Dative tōnsillīs
Accusative tōnsillās
Ablative tōnsillīs
Vocative tōnsillae

Descendants edit

  • French: tonsille sg
    • English: tonsil

References edit

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