See also: trang, Trang, tráng, trắng, and trång

Vietnamese edit

Alternative forms edit

  • (Northern Vietnam, inland dialects) giăng
  • (Northern Vietnam, coastal dialects, likely obsolete) lăng
  • (Northern Vietnam, coastal dialects, endangered) tăng

Etymology edit

From Proto-Vietic *b-laŋ. This is Central-Southern form, now also the most common written form.

The Northern Middle Vietnamese form is attested as blang in Dictionarium Annamiticum Lusitanum et Latinum (1651).

Most likely a false cognate of Proto-Austronesian *bulaN (moon) (whence Malay bulan, Javanese wulan, Tagalog buan and Malagasy volana) and Proto-Tai *ɓlɯənᴬ (moon) (whence Thai เดือน (dʉʉan), Saek เบรี๋ยน, Zhuang ndwen), see more at the entry *b-laŋ.

Pronunciation edit

Proper noun edit

trăng (𢁋, 𣎞, 𦝄)

  1. (literary) the Moon
    Synonym: Mặt Trăng

Derived terms edit