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  1. plural of training
    • 1834, Pennsylvania. General Assembly. Senate, Temple University. School of Law, Journal, volume 2, page 261:
      We cannot agree, however, with those who think that the continuance of the system, depends upon the continuance of the trainings.
    • 2011, Nicole E. Allen, Coordinating the Criminal Justice Response to Intimate Partner Violence, page 72:
      In addition to the trainings, the council also produced materials for various stakeholders and the community in general to enhance the response to domestic violence.
    • 2011, Patricia Neal, Craig Neal, The Art of Convening, page 227:
      Heartland convenes conversations, programs, trainings, and communities of engagement to practice the skills of the intentional leader []
    • 2021 November 11, Jay Caspian Kang, “Can We Talk About Critical Race Theory?”, in The New York Times[1], →ISSN:
      Diversity is now a big industry — about $8 billion per year gets spent on diversity trainings in America — and parents might be feeling blindsided by the rapid changes, many of which came after last year’s George Floyd protests.

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trainings m pl

  1. plural of training