See also: train-wreck and train wreck



trainwreck (plural trainwrecks)

  1. Alternative spelling of train wreck
    • 2009: Stuart Heritage, Hecklerspray, Friday the 22nd of May in 2009 at 1 o’clock p.m., “Jon & Kate Latest: People You Don’t Know Do Crap You Don’t Care About
      What’s the point of all this? We think it’s ‘hey, don’t forget to watch the new season of Jon & Kate Plus 8 this coming Monday, only on TLC’. But it might also be ‘stick in there, because these kids are going to be trainwrecks when they grow up, and everybody likes a trainwreck’. Or it might be ‘why hasn’t anybody got anything better to do with their lives than obsess about any of this?’
      If we could bring ourselves to care enough, we’d tell you. But, hey, we can’t.


trainwreck (third-person singular simple present trainwrecks, present participle trainwrecking, simple past and past participle trainwrecked)

  1. Alternative form of train wreck
    • 2014 (published), Paul Monette, West of Yesterday, East of Summer: New and Selected Poems (1973–1993) (→ISBN), Manifesto:
      we need / the living alive to bucket Ronnie's House / with abattoirs of blood hand in hand lesions / across America need to trainwreck the whole / show till someone listens.
    • 2015, Caroline Fardig, That Old Black Magic, Caroline Fardig (→ISBN):
      Bethany squeaks a barely audible, “Yes,” grabs her purse, and rushes out of the restaurant, tripping over a chair and bumping into another customer on the way. I snicker. I can't believe my perfect first date with Blake was trainwrecked by McUncool doin her stalker thing.
    • 2017, Carrie Keagan, Dibs Baer, Everybody Curses, I Swear!: Uncensored Tales from the Hollywood Trenches, Macmillan (→ISBN), page 131:
      Apparently, early in the day, a journalist had decided to bring up his brother River Phoenix's death in his interview, which threw him off and trainwrecked the day for everyone, including me. Every celebrity has topics they don't want to go into, ...