tranny +‎ -dom


trannydom (uncountable)

  1. (informal) The realm or sphere of transsexuals or transvestites.
    • 1999, Reflections International: The TV & TS Magazine (issue 17, page 3)
      So you see, I do have a life beyond trannydom.
    • 2006, Tanya Richards, Tranz-Mania, page 4:
      [] a phenomenon that promoted and accelerated the growth of trannydom via the net.
    • 2010, Red Jordan Arobateau, Days Before The Yoke, page 179:
      PM Anna Warhola is on-the-edge trannydom. In her performance for Anna Conda's fundraiser running for District 6 Supervisor, she was a middle-aged Dom in stiletto heels []