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From the Ancient Greek τρίφθογγος (tríphthongos, triphthong, having three voices), from τρία (tría, three) + φθόγγος (phthóngos, sound).

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triphthong (plural triphthongs)

  1. A monosyllabic vowel combination usually involving a quick but smooth movement from one vowel to another that passes over a third one.
  2. A disyllabic sequence of a vowel, a semivowel, and a vowel.
    • 2017, Ahmad Al-Jallad, Was it sūrat al-baqárah? Evidence for antepenultimate stress in the Quranic Consonantal Text and its Relevance for صلوه Type Nouns[1]:
      Before moving on to a solution, it may be worth emphasizing that nouns of the ⁧صلوه⁩ type originally contained a triphthong. [] In addition to evidence from the Safaitic inscriptions, the discovery of the Graeco-Arabic inscription A1 (Al-Jallad and al-Manaser 2015), where the verb ’tw ‘he came’ is written αθαοα /’atawa/, confirms this to be the case for Old Arabic as well.

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