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trouble in paradise (usually uncountable, plural troubles in paradise)

  1. (idiomatic) An unexpected problem in a supposedly positive situation, especially in a marital or romantic relationship.
    My wife wasn't in the best of moods on our honeymoon last week. ― Trouble in paradise?
    • 1969 Feb. 14, "New Plays: Pilgrims' Regress," Time (retrieved 10 July 2014):
      Chaucer's people are not paralyzed by self-consciousness in the act of love. They possess none of modern man's neurasthenic haste to import trouble in paradise.
    • 1996 Dec. 10, Clifton Brown, "Challenge for the Bulls Is to Repair the Cracks," New York Times (retrieved 10 July 2014):
      Is there trouble in paradise? Maybe not, but it will be interesting to see whether the Bulls can make it through another season without serious internal problems.
    • 2013 Oct. 5, Tom Russo, "Reasons to get ‘Stuck in Love’," Boston Globe (retrieved 10 July 2014):
      [H]e’ll keep on peeping through her window, anxious for some glimpse of trouble in paradise with the new boyfriend.

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