tryp (uncountable)

  1. Abbreviation of tryptophan.
    • 1975, Andrea Phyllis Boyar, The effect of undernutrition on brain serotonin and 5HIAA in the neonatal and weanling rat:
      All large neutral amino acids, including tryp, showed significant postprandial increases. The ratio of total tryp to the sum of these neutral amino acids did not change in response to eating.
    • 2002, Anthony J.F. Griffiths, Modern Genetic Analysis: Integrating Genes and Genomes, volume 1:
      Through biochemical analysis of the tryp A protein, it was shown that each of the 16 mutants resulted in an amino acid substitution at a different position in the protein.
    • 2003, Wolfgang-Bernhard Souffrant, ‚ÄéCornelia C. Metges, Progress in Research on Energy and Protein Metabolism, page 761:
      Removal of arg, pro, thre or tryp reduced specific binding of bGH to cultured pig hepatocytes.

Middle EnglishEdit

Etymology 1Edit

From Old French triper.



  1. Alternative form of trippen

Etymology 2Edit

From Old French tripe.



  1. Alternative form of tripe