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turfed (not generally comparable, comparative more turfed, superlative most turfed)

  1. Constructed from turf.
    • 1858 July, “Trebizonde and Erzeroum”, in The National Magazine, OCLC 1759297, page 6:
      The space of ground taken up by a rich man's house is prodigious, the turfed roof forming a small field.
    • 1905, Saga Book of the Viking Society for Northern Research, OCLC 1769140, page 379:
      Viðimyri church is almost the only specimen remaining of a turf church. It looks outside very like a neatly turfed cottage, with the ornament of crossed planks with carved ends on its wooden front gable.
  2. Covered or adorned with turf or grass.
    • 1625, Francis Bacon, “Of Gardens”, in Royal Collection Trust[1]:
      For aviaries, I like them not, except they be of that largeness as they may be turfed, and have living plants and bushes set in them; that the birds may have more scope, and natural nestling, and that no foulness appear in the floor of the aviary.
    • 1988, Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs, House of Representatives, Preservation of petroglyphs in Albuquerque, New Mexico[2], page 225:
      3. The course should use a minimal amount of fairway area, rather than being completely turfed from tee box to green.



  1. simple past tense and past participle of turf