Twinflower (Linnaea borealis)

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twin +‎ flower


twinflower (plural twinflowers)

  1. Linnaea borealis, a woodland subshrub with opposite evergreen rounded oval leaves and pendulous pink flowers that occur in pairs.
    • 2020, Keith Kirby, Woodland Flowers, Bloomsbury Publishing, page 39,
      The Twinflower Linnaea borealis is a common plant in the northern Scandinavian forests that Linnaeus encountered on a trip he made through Lapland in 1732.
  2. Dyschoriste oblongifolia, a dicotyledonous flowering plant of the family Acanthaceae, native to coastal plains regions of the United States.
    Synonym: oblongleaf snakeherb

Usage notesEdit

  • L. borealis is the sole recognised species in genus Linnaea. (Thus the term twinflower may also be considered to refer to the genus.)
    • A 2013 molecular phylogenetic study expanded Linnea to include species from several other genera. However, this has been rejected by the majority of subsequent scientific literature. (See   Linnaea on Wikipedia.Wikipedia )

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