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According to Dybo, a derivation from Proto-Turkic *yüg-[1], hence Azerbaijani yüksək and other related forms. Compare Turkish yüce and dialectal yüvcek, yüğcek, üğücek.

According to Sevortyan, ultimately from Proto-Turkic *ūč (edge)[2], hence, related to Azerbaijani uc (tip, point, cusp) and unrelated to Azerbaijani yüksək.

Some consider both the Turkish uca (coccyx) and Azerbaijani uca (high) to be derived from Common Turkic *ūča[3]. The semantic developments that led to the emergence of both these senses could have been along the lines of 1) 'edge' -> 'top of a tree' -> 'high'; 2) 'edge' -> 'edge of the body' -> 'rump; back; loins, buttocks'. Sevortyan, however, conseders these two forms unrelated[4].

Compare Kipchak یوجا(yuca); Old Anatolian Turkish [script needed] (yüce); Old Turkic [script needed] (uča, coccyx).

None of the forms above are thought to be related to uçmaq (to fly), despite a certain semantic link.


  • IPA(key): [uˈd͡ʒɑ], [uˈd͡zɑ]
  • Hyphenation: u‧ca


uca (comparative daha uca, superlative ən uca)

  1. high
    Synonyms: hündür, yüksək
  2. tall
    Synonym: uzun
  3. loud
    Synonym: bərk

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From Proto-Central Pacific *quca, from Proto-Oceanic *qusan, from Proto-Malayo-Polynesian *quzan, from Proto-Austronesian *quzaN.



  1. rain (condensed water from a cloud)




  1. there

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