See also: ulcération

English edit

Etymology edit

ulcer +‎ -ation

Noun edit

ulceration (countable and uncountable, plural ulcerations)

  1. The development of an ulcer.
    • 2008, Mary E. Klingensmith, The Washington Manual of Surgery, page 327:
      Chronic venous disease includes cosmetically undesirable telangiectasias, varicose veins, venous ulceration, and claudication.
  2. An ulcerous condition.

Translations edit

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Interlingua edit

Noun edit

ulceration (plural ulcerationes)

  1. ulceration

Old French edit

Etymology edit

Borrowed from Latin ulcerātiō.

Noun edit

ulceration oblique singularf (oblique plural ulcerations, nominative singular ulceration, nominative plural ulcerations)

  1. ulceration (the formation of an ulcer/ulcers)