un- +‎ cloak


uncloak (third-person singular simple present uncloaks, present participle uncloaking, simple past and past participle uncloaked)

  1. (transitive) To remove a cloak or cover from; to deprive of a cloak or cover; to unmask; to reveal.
    • 1671, Allestree, Richard, The Gentleman's Calling, page 124:
      And will none have so much Charity, so much Zeal for publick Concern, as to uncloak this Impostour, and shew the dazled World what it is it thus bows to?
  2. (intransitive) To remove one's cloak.
    • 1826, Cunningham, Allan, Paul Jones: A Romance, volume 2, page 38:
      Nay, but my fireside's not the deck—I am mistress here; so let me uncloak thee." She seized his cloak, and, not without a slight resistance on his part, unclasped the collar, and threw it aside.
  3. (intransitive, science fiction) To become visible again by turning off a cloaking device.
    • 2011, Mack, David, Rise Like Lions (Star Trek: Mirror Universe):
      Don't try to target the Klingons as they uncloak, you won't have time. Just use the phasers to make a nofly zone between us and the Takagi.